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Self Loading Electric Stacker

2.590,00 € 3.108,00 € VAT included
Five year warranty

Free delivery: 2021-09-30

SKU 10010114-0

With this special pallet truck you can easily negotiate levels, whether you want to use it with or without a stacked load. This truck loads itself to higher levels by using its forks to overcome heights. This means that any problems and unnecessary effort during loading and unloading can be avoided if no lifting platform is available. The maximum lifting height is 1300 mm, which allows you to place your pallets even on higher than average levels. The device is also suitable for transporting loads at a height of 500 kg The fork length of 1050 mm helps to transport most common pallets.


  • Battery capacity
    Battery type
    fork length
    Lift height
    Load centre
    Turning radius
    Available from
  • self loading electric stacker image 5
    42 Ah
    1050 mm
    1300 mm
    500 mm
    1200 mm
    303 kg
    888 mm
    2.590,00 € 3.108,00 € VAT included