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Electric Stacker DOUBLE-S

5.190,00 € 6.228,00 € VAT included
Five year warranty

Free delivery: 30 March

This DOUBLE-S electric pallet stacker with initial lift for dual pallet transport comes at variants with lifting heights of up to 3300 mm. Now you can place another pallet on the lower forks in addition to this - already loaded pallet. In this way you can easily move more goods around at the same time and have the complete freight under control at all times. With the initial lift function, the entire lift mast including the load can be lifted several centimetres upwards. This makes it easy to place pallets and other goods on raised supports and transport them on uneven ground. The powerful electric motor makes this initial lift and dual pallet transport function possible, as well as loading the pallet truck with up to 1200 kg.

SKU 10010115-273


Ground obstacles? No Problem.

Thanks to the initial lift and increased ground clearance, goods are transported safely over loading ramps and floor edges.

Double-stack-mode No Problem.

Thanks to the initial lift, two pallets can be picked up at the same time.

Safe and ergonomic

Safety button for emergencies, battery level indicator and electronic ignition lock are quick and easy to reach.

Low design height

Ideal for tight spaces, such as in trucks or for low passageways.

Ergonomic handle

All functions are carried out by the buttons and levers at the top of the handle.


  • Capacity
    Fork length
    Height, extended
    Height, lowered
    Lift height
    Mast type
    Turning radius
    Wheels material
    Battery capacity
    Battery type
    Fork roller type
    Fork width, single fork
    Free lift
    Ground clearance
    Operating time
    Available from
  • Electric Double Stacker SMART-M 2,5m - 3,3m 7
    1200 kg
    1150 mm
    3592 mm
    2122 mm
    3000 mm
    1789 mm
    1450 mm
    760 kg
    800 mm
    105 Ah
    160 mm
    17 mm
    5 h
    30 March
    from 5.190,00 € 6.228,00 € VAT included