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Heavy Duty Chain Ratchet 6t

449,00 € 538,80 € VAT included

Free delivery: 2021-09-30

SKU 10005227-0

The lever hoist can raise loads of up to 6000 kg up to a maximum height of 4500 mm. The product can be used both vertically and horizontally and is therefore very flexible. The ratchet on this lever hoist can operated in a clockwise direction, an anticlockwise direction or free-running. There is a safeguard to protect the loads against falling or slipping. The rubber-coated handle ensures a comfortable feeling for the worker when operating the lever hoist. This product is not only suitable for commercial use in the most varied of sectors. In fact it is also very useful in a private setting, such as during home removals. With this lever hoist, also referred to as a chain hoist, you are purchasing a high-quality product, which is sure to pay for itself very quickly.

  • max. lift height: 4500 mm
  • Leverage Length: 415 mm
  • Capacity: 6000 kg
  • Weight: 44,2 kg


  • chain length
    Chain quality
    hook opening
    Lift height
    proof load
    Available from
  • heavy duty chain ratchet image 4
    4,5 m
    ultramarine blue
    53 mm
    4500 mm
    9500 kg
    44,2 kg
    449,00 € 538,80 € VAT included