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Manual Stacker with Adjustable Forks 1000kg

1.149,00 € 1.378,80 € VAT included
Five year warranty

Available from: 01 November

SKU 10010095-54

This pallet stacker with sliding forks is suitable small and medium-sized companies that only have to do stacking work occasionally and are therefore looking for an inexpensive alternative to an electric pallet stacker. The forks, which can be moved from 295 mm to 930 mm, enable versatile use and, in addition to taking up Euro pallets, also take up narrower and wider pallets as well as special pallets. The pallet stacker with sliding forks is an ideal loading aid for loading and unloading trucks that do not have a loading platform. This is also suitable for the occasional transport of pallets and other freight up to 1600 mm or 2500 mm lifting height. As it does not extend, unlike telescopic masts, the height of the truck does not change in operation. Thus, a free lift is given over the entire lifting height.

  • Fork length: 1070 mm
  • Load capacity: 1000 kg
  • Lifting height: 1600 mm or 2500 mm
  • Tyres: polyurethan


  • Chassis surface
    fork length
    Lift height
    Lift type
    Load centre
    Turning radius
    Available from
  • manual stacker with adjustable forks image 3
    powder coated
    1150 mm
    2090 mm
    1600 mm
    manual hydraulic
    500 mm
    1235 mm
    250 kg
    955 mm
    05 November
    from 999,00 € 1.198,80 € VAT included