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High Lift Hand Pallet Truck ZAC

619,00 € 742,80 € VAT included

Free delivery: 10 July

SKU 10010107-0

This scissor high lift pallet truck is perfect for the picking of euro palettes. Goods pickers are required to perform very physically strenuous work day in, day out. This is often takes its toll on the knees or vertebral discs in particular. Loading pallets with goods on a daily basis, with the help of a manual scanner or delivery note is no walk in the park. This high-quality scissor-lift truck provides genuine support when performing this strenuous activity. Thanks to its maximum lift height of 800 mm, Euro pallets, including a pallet truck, can be very easily and simply raised to an ergonomic and comfortable working height for the pickers. From a certain height, the stabilisers, the so-called scissors, extend and provide the scissor-lift truck with the necessary stability.

  • Fork length: 1170 mm
  • Load capacity: 1000 kg
  • Lift height: 800 mm
  • Total height: 1270 mm


  • Capacity
    fork length
    Fork roller type
    Lift height
    Overall length
    Turning radius
    Wheels material
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  • high lift hand pallet truck image 1
    1000 kg
    1170 mm
    1270 mm
    800 mm
    1730 mm
    1370 mm
    115 kg
    540 mm
    10 July
    619,00 € 742,80 € VAT included