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Lever Hoist 6t

159,00 € 190,80 € VAT included

Free delivery: 2021-09-30

SKU 10000952-346

This lever hoist can lift loads of up to 6000 kg to a maximum height of 1500-4500 mm. The ratchet of this lever hoist has a right-hand, a left-hand and a freewheel. In use, it can convince in diverse working environments: workshops, in agriculture or landscaping, in garages, in crafts, in industry or in the private sector. This product is also convincing in terms of safety: The hard-wearing load brake engages as soon as a low pre-load or tension acts on the chain.The loads are protected from falling down or slipping out by a fuse. A rubberised handle ensures a secure grip when operating. The lever hoist is made of robust and low-corrosion steel, which enables particularly high stability and promotes a very long service life.

  • Lift height:1500 mm, 3000mm or 4500 mm
  • Leverage Length: 410 mm
  • Capacity: 6000 kg


  • chain length
    Chain quality
    hook opening
    Lift height
    proof load
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  • lever hoist 6 ton image 2
    1,5 m
    50 mm
    1500 mm
    7700 kg
    27,3 kg
    from 159,00 € 190,80 € VAT included