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Block and Tackle 10t

439,00 € 526,80 € VAT included

Free delivery: 2021-09-30

SKU 10005222-0

This block and tackle is a high quality product and has a maximum lifting capacity of 10000 kg. The maximum lifting height is 5000 mm thanks to the extra long operating chain. It is therefore the perfect aid for the vertical movement of heavy loads. It has an external gearbox with a very stable construction. Thanks to the pulley blocks rotating lifting and load hooks with their safety catches, the loaded load is effectively secured against slipping and falling out. Due to its good transmission ratio & the pulley block unfolds an enormous pulling effect with a smooth operation. The additionally reinforced housing provides additional protection against weather influences, is corrosion-resistant and shockproof, which contributes to a long service life of the product. This product is also convincing in terms of safety: Because this quality product features a mechanical load brake, which ensures additional lifting and loading safety. This model is ideal for industrial use.

  • Lift height: 5000 mm
  • Capacity: 10000 kg
  • Chain size 9 mm
  • Weight 88,6 kg


  • chain length
    Chain quality
    Lift height
    proof load
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  • block and tackle 10 ton image 5
    5,0 m
    5000 mm
    12500 kg
    88,6 kg
    439,00 € 526,80 € VAT included