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Extendable Forklift Jib Arm with 3465mm

799,00 € 958,80 € VAT included

Free delivery: 2021-09-30

SKU 10005688-0

This forklift crane arm is ideally suited to extend the reach of the forklift truck. Thanks to the 6-times extendability of the load arm, the length can be individually adjusted from 87 cm to 346,5 cm. It is important to pay attention to the load capacity of the boom, as this decreases depending on the extension length. Completely extended, the crane arm has a length of 346,5 cm and can lift a weight of 200 Kg. The load arm has a dead weight of 140 kg. With the help of such crane arms, your forklift truck can be converted into a crane in seconds.

  • Load capacity: 4500 kg
  • Extendability: 6-times
    Extendable from: 87 cm
  • Extendable to: 346,5 cm


  • colour
    Available from
  • extendable forklift jib arm image 1
    ultramarine blue
    240 mm
    140 kg
    520 mm
    799,00 € 958,80 € VAT included