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Stainless Steel Mobile Lift Table

689,00 € 826,80 € VAT included

Available from: 2021-10-25

SKU 10010110-171

This mobile lifting table with 100kg or 250kg or 450kg capacity is an ideal help in factory, production, warehouse or manufacturing Suitable for: Pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry. The platform trolley consists of a high-quality and stainless steel construction. The platform trolley is a perfect aid and means of transport. Thanks to its scissor braces it can be easily adjusted to the desired working height by means of a foot pump. A parking brake prevents the lift table from rolling away during use.

  • Table dimensions:  815x500 mm or 815x500 mm or 700x445 mm
  • Capacity: 100kg or 250kg or 450kg


  • Chassis surface
    Lift type
    Available from
  • stainless steel mobile lift table image 1
    stainless steel
    manual hydraulic
    66 kg
    from 689,00 € 826,80 € VAT included